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Dr GC Lindeque MBChB DA(SA),LMCC

How to prepare your body..

In order for Prolotherapy to have maximal effect it is of great importance for the patient to be in an anabolic phase.Prolotherapy stimulates the growth of new connective tissue in an attempt to stabilize joints and cure chronic pain.Two factors determine the success of the healing reaction:

Firstly the strength and type of solution used by the Prolotherapist.The more concentrated the solution, the stronger the reaction.

The second and even more important factor is the ability of the patients body to heal.It is therefore of great importance even before Prolotherapy is started-to make sure the patient gets optimum nutrition and have correctly balanced adrenal and other hormones.



Specific supplements that encourage connective tissue healing includes:

  1. Joint Support - this formula contains the advanced form of glucosamine(acetyl-d) 2 capsules twice daily
  2. Silicone drops (in the form of Biosil - six drops daily in liquid).
  3. Vitamin K 1 and 2 (Super Booster 1 capsule daily with a meal) which stimulates osteocalcin an important bone proteien
  4. Vitamin C Lyposomal (2 tablets twice daily) a special form of Vitamin C that stimulates joint cartilage.
  5. Bio available enzymes that aids in restoring injured tissue.
  6. Nicotinamide is a 100% pure collagen powder drink mix(1 tbsp twice daily in water)


Hormonal balance also plays a critical role in optimal healing.Appropriate blood testing is necessary to obtain optimum hormonal balance.